Why Saggezza?

Saggezza is growing, fast
Which means Saggezza employees have a unique opportunity to collaborate on major projects that create major change. From day one, you gain real experience. Consultants generally average 10 years’ experience before interacting with C-level executives. At Saggezza, you interact with CIO’s, CTO’s and CEO’s both internally and externally within your first year. Explore our open positions to see how you fit into our global team.

Our Culture and Values

A sense of opportunity and ownership permeates our culture. In fact, it's the key to our success. Saggezza runs on trust and everyone is empowered to make decisions.

Excellence at Saggezza is a discipline. We challenge ourselves and put forth our personal and professional best at all times to consistently provide the highest quality of service.
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Innovation is about creative thinking in everything we do. We are at the cutting edge of technology development and our process of execution brings valuable solutions to our customers and their businesses.
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Saggezza’s Heart value is about getting involved and being personally invested. It means caring so much about something that you’ll do it well regardless of the setbacks. Heart is at the core of Saggezza.
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Our success is judged by our project execution and the impact we have on our customers. We think first about how to improve our customers business and apply our expertise to deliver the desired results.
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Technologies You'll Work With

At Saggezza, your expertise with these technologies will help to define your career path. We work with: